About Me

About Me

Coming to my yoga mat is, for me, like coming home.

It can be a place where I re-energize and feel joyful and light and positive

It can be the place of my roots, keeping me grounded and steady.

It can also be my place of safety, when the world around is shaky and troubled

Having a personal practice for many years I went on to complete my teacher training with an inspirational Zen master, incorporating a more meditative aspect to the yoga practice.

My personal yoga journey continues, with new elements along the way, and every step an adventure.

I feel blessed to have my home on this beautiful Greek Island of Lefkada, where I have raised 3 children and also been involved in taking care of peoples holiday needs for many years.

It is, therefore, a natural progression to develop Yoga Mind.

Yoga Mind Holidays offers the opportunity to take time out from the business of daily life. To provide an environment for a daily yoga practice combined with a holiday atmosphere.

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